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Meet Your Coaches

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Coach/ Founder  Latrina Woods

Experience: 12 years


  • Weight loss and management for women with Type 2 or pre-diabetes

  • Exercise therapy and rehabilitation for chronic joint pain (knees and back)

  • Functional training for women over 40

  • Science based behavior modification 

My Mission/Passion:

At Vivify, we acknowledge that every fitness journey is unique. We exist to empower your path and, in turn, spark a transformation in how health is perceived.

Latrina envisions a world where individuals are actively engaged in their health and well-being. By promoting overall wellness, she aims to help people stay out of the hospital and live their happiest and healthiest lives.

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Coach Bryiana Richardson

Experience: 7+ years (Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from LSU)


  • Performance Training

  • Functional Training

  • Resistance Training 


Hello! I'm BRICH, a former top-tier athlete now channelling enthusiasm and expertise into personal training. With a solid foundation in Kinesiology from LSU and diverse experiences across New Orleans' fitness centers, I've refined a wholesome training strategy.

Come, let's embark on a fitness journey where we nurture not just your body but also your mind and spirit. Here's to unlocking your ultimate potential and shattering fitness goals as we transform your life together.

Coach Domonique Merrick  

Experience: 5+ years


  • Strength and conditioning for larger bodies 

  • Functional training 

  • Goal setting 

My Mission/Passion:


 I am devoted to breaking the stereotypes and creating a fitness environment that is inclusive and inspiring. As a trainer, I empower women to achieve their fitness goals through love for themselves, wellness, and faith


 My journey with fitness began as a client and from there I fell in love with the lifestyle. As your trainer, I understand your challenges, but I'm also here to show, through faith, hard work, patience, and consistency, that fitness is achievable for everyone.

​March 1st, Vivify leased its first studio location on Higgins Blvd. " I am excited about this next chapter and to have an impact on even more women." 

Why Vivify

  • Studio only for womem

  • Personalized programming

  • 95% of my members commit 6 months or more their program

  • Make lifelong friends

The Studio 

2802 Higgins BLVD New Orleans LA 70162

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