Latrina Woods is the Founder and Head Coach of Vivify Training and Fitness. Latrina has over 8+ years of experience in personal training, group fitness instruction, gym management, and coaching.

Latrina's passion for fitness, teaching, and serving others was through her experiences being a college athlete, certified personal trainer, and middle school science teacher. 

The pandemic was the catalyst for Latrina to launch Vivify Training.  Latrina witnessed how Covid affected individuals with underlying conditions due to lack of exercise and poor nutrition. 

Since the launch of Vivify Training, Latrina has coached, and trained women who have never had access to a fitness professional and or have never had a positive gym experience.


Her mission is remove personal, financial, and environmental barriers to exercise and to reduce negative health outcomes for women





About Me

Latrina Woods
Certified Personal Trainer & Owner

 The Evergreen State College

B.A Business Management

National Academy of Sports Medicine 

small gym located on St.Claude

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Vivify Training at The Movement Collective 3921 St. Claude

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Open room for group and functional training.

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The movement collective is a  gym facility that provides the facility and space to conduct each individuals fitness business. If you are looking for a small gym near Bywater, Marigny and the lower 9th ward than this is the place to be.


The studio is stocked with free weights, kettle bells, medicine balls and cardio equipment.  

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3921 St Claude Ave New Orleans LA


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