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Meet Your Coaches

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Latrina Woods

African Americans are more likely to die from diabetes than any other racial group. Multiple members of my family have died or are living with complications caused by high blood pressure.


Racial bias in healthcare has resulted in overgeneralized symptoms, lack of empathy and little to no resources on how to manage blood pressure naturally. I have listened to hundreds of women tell me how they feel defeated, scared and stressed because they have been told to take medications for their health.




Their medical provider never provided them with resources, empathy, or a personalized plan to get them healthy. As a fitness professional, it was my duty to disrupt these statistics.



After years of helping people lose weight, I've learned the missing piece in most weight loss programs: how to stay on track when life happens, how to stay consistent when your time gets hijacked? What to do after motivation fades. How to cope with stress that doesn't lead to emotional eating.


My programs are tailored to your needs, life and goals. I use science-based strategies that will help you change your behavior and make lasting changes in your life.


If you want to find the last program that you will ever need to do, schedule a free strategy call with me.

Bryiana Richardson



My name is BRich, I'm a personal trainer passionate about helping individuals reach their fitness goals. Prior to becoming a personal trainer, I was an elite athlete for many years which earned me a scholarship to compete for the LSU Women's Track Program. Shortly after receiving my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from LSU, I began working at various training facilities around the New Orleans area to further develop my skills.

I have now developed a holistic approach to training, focusing on the whole being rather than isolating areas. My goal during training sessions is to get the mind, body, and spirit involved, when all those areas are functioning together that is when we can be our most elite self. I use my experiences as an athlete and the knowledge that I acquired while studying to help individuals transform their lives and reach their fitness goals.


Chelcy  Johnson

Dance Instructor/ Coach 


Chelcy Johnson is a dancer, social worker, and overachiever who lives in New Orleans, LA. Chelcy received her Certificate Of achievement from Warren Easton High School in 2012. She also attended Talladega College & graduated with a Bachelor's in Social Work.

Her passion has always been dancing and making a difference within her community. Chelcy has always played multiple roles such as; Captain of Warren Easton Eaglettes ‘12, Captain of Talladega College “Dega Diamonds ‘12&’14, member of the Show-Stopping Crimsonettes dance team, Studio G dance instructor 17-18, backgrounds dancer Master P (Essence Festival & Reunion Tour), background dancer for Lil Wayne ( Honda Halftime Show), dance coach for Livingston high school, fitness Dance instructor for Move Ya Brass & many more. Chelcy is currently pursuing her passion by starting her own business “ Pretty Physique Dance & Fitness. She enjoys teaching Hip-hop, Jazz-funk,& hbcu dance styles.

​March 1st, Vivify leased its first studio location on Higgins Blvd. " I am excited about this next chapter and to have an impact on even more women." 

Why Vivify

  • Studio only for womem

  • Personalized programming

  • 95% of my members commit 6 months or more their program

  • Make lifelong friends

The Studio 

2802 Higgins BLVD New Orleans LA 70162

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